This summer I’m working in downtown Chicago as a Junior Growth Developer Intern at ShuttleCloud. With an hour and a half left in my first day of work I decided that I want to start a blog about my internship, living in Chicago, and anything else that I might end up wanting to write about. Here is my first blog post for the summer.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I currently have a really bad habit of frequently consuming content and media instead of creating it. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, movies, TV, music, etc., I’ve noticed that I read, watch, and listen a lot more than I write, record, produce, or share. Realizing this fact about myself really bothered me for some reason. What bothered me the most was that I would much rather be creating and sharing my work instead of consuming. If it’s true that I would rather be creating as opposed to consuming, why would I not be creating more?

When I finish watching a YouTube video my immediate response isn’t “wow I’m so proud of what I just did!” or “I can’t believe I just watched that whole five minute video. What an accomplishment!” Occasionally I will be inspired to go create or do something amazing with my life, but generally the video I’ve watched was purely for entertainment.

When I consume media I’m not excited about what I’ve accomplished, but when I post a picture or publish a video I’m extremely proud of what I was able to create. There’s something so special for me about making things. It truly makes me feel like I’ve done something meaningful with my time and energy. One of my favorite feelings ever is creating something I’m proud of and sharing it with people so I really want to be doing it more!

The two main reasons that I want to make this change in my life are 1) To be more creative in my life and the projects I’m working on. 2) To be happier and feel more accomplished because of the things I’ve created in life. Making a conscious effort to constantly be creating new things is one of the best decisions I could possibly make for myself.

The most important step in being creative is to start creating.

This concept of creating vs. consuming is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. There are so many things I want to do in life and I need to just start doing them no matter what. I’m going to start a blog to get my ideas out there and improve my writing. I will continue posting pictures on my Instagram every few days to capture moments I care about and share some of these moments that I find beautiful. I want to start making more videos of my adventures and experiences to inspire other people to live their life in whatever way they enjoy life the most. Lastly, I want to start a company within the next year, but that is a whole different blog post that will come a little later.

I don’t claim to be an exceptional writer or know that I will have a ton to write about, but this blog is one way that I want to be pushing myself to be creating new content all the time. I know there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to my writing, and this will help me improve my skills a lot, but this blog post is the first step towards sharing my life and being creative through a blog. I already love my new job at ShuttleCloud, living in Chicago is one of the coolest experiences ever, and I’m always trying to enjoy life no matter what the circumstances are so I need to start sharing these things more. I’m so stoked to start sharing all of these amazing things that are happening through this blog.

Current: Head of Sales Engineering RapidAPI. Former: Head of Developer Relations RapidAPI, Founder of HackCU. Part-time adventurer, full-time hooligan

Current: Head of Sales Engineering RapidAPI. Former: Head of Developer Relations RapidAPI, Founder of HackCU. Part-time adventurer, full-time hooligan