Blogging is hard… GmailMeter is an amazing tool. And I love my job.

Just over a month ago I created a post about wanting to start a blog and that I want to be posting on it somewhat frequently. It turns out that working full time in Chicago, trying to start a business, and still living life takes up a lot of time and makes it hard to start blogging! Thankfully I have started posting on Instagram again so I’m still creating content through that.

For my second blog post I want to talk about my job. I work at ShuttleCloud which is primarily a company that specializes in email import and migration. Whenever someone creates a new Gmail or Google Apps account and wants to transfer their information from an old email provider ShuttleCloud handles transferring all of that data for you. While working on a project for the company, I discovered something that I think is really cool. If you want to import contacts into Google contacts all you have to do is click the import button and this page comes up:

Google Contacts import page

That’s the company I work for! The ShuttleCloud name is on a Google product and I work for them! I know it’s not that exciting for most, but for me that’s a really cool thing to be a part of.

The other product that ShuttleCloud has is called GmailMeter. GmailMeter is an email analytics and statistics tool for Gmail and Google Apps accounts. This is the product that I am primarily working on and it’s a very cool tool with a lot of potential! I really love being able to do most of my work on a tool that is just now gaining traction and is still in the early stages, but I can still learn from the more enterprise focused business ShuttleCloud does.

GmailMeter gives users all kinds of statistics, graphs, and data about your email. This tool can be used to gain information about your emailing habits and ideally inform you on how to improve your emailing habits. We offer graphs that show how many emails you send hourly and daily, information about who you’ve emailed the most, how many emails you’ve sent or received, and how quickly you respond to different people.

Currently the report is sent out monthly, but we are working on implementing it to send out on a weekly basis. There are a lot more features to come and I see so much potential in a tool like GmailMeter. Emailing is still such a big part of business and people need information about their email inboxes, especially if it can provide real and concrete ways to improve email interactions.

So what do I actually do at ShuttleCloud for GmailMeter? My job is a “Junior Growth Developer”, so what that means is that my job is to grow the number of users on GmailMeter and the number of users who are interacting with and finding value in our product. It’s one thing to have a lot of users signup, but what I think is more important is to have users that are actively interacting with and finding value from our product. I’m very dedicated to making this tool the best it can be and always finding ways to improve.

If you want to check out the GmailMeter tool or learn more about what it actually is visit! I love the work I’m doing and I’m excited about where it will go in the future.

Current: Head of Sales Engineering RapidAPI. Former: Head of Developer Relations RapidAPI, Founder of HackCU. Part-time adventurer, full-time hooligan

Current: Head of Sales Engineering RapidAPI. Former: Head of Developer Relations RapidAPI, Founder of HackCU. Part-time adventurer, full-time hooligan